Surrogacy Escrow Services

Using an escrow management service not only protects your assets and ensures that payments are made accurately and on time, but enables this part of your surrogacy experience to be efficient and stress-free.

What Is Surrogacy Escrow Account Management?

When a contract is signed between intended parents and their gestational carrier, it is often the case that some sort of compensation agreement will be included. 

Using a third party escrow service to handle all financial aspects of the contract minimizes potential risks and protects your assets and the relationship between intended parents and gestational carriers.

Intended parents can rest assured that their money is secure, while surrogates can be sure that they will receive accurate and on-time payments.

As a neutral third party, the Ally Escrow Management team is here to help make sense of the financial contract and ensure that both the intended parents and the gestational carrier understand their financial rights, responsibilities, and each party’s expectations and obligations.

We act as the middleman to ensure that all parties fulfill their contractual obligations before releasing any funds. In this way, Ally Escrow Management helps make all transactions and the overall process more secure and stress-free for all parties involved.

How It Works

Ally Escrow Management will distribute the funds held in our trust account after carefully examining the terms set forth in the contract. 

Prior to making any disbursements to the gestational carrier, Ally Escrow Management will gather all supporting documentation needed and review any receipts submitted. Disbursement requests are handled promptly and there are no specific times, days, or forms that must be turned in for a request to be processed.

Additionally, we always provide a statement detailing the account balance and all recent account activity so that clients remain aware of disbursements being made from their account.

Funds are distributed from the third party escrow account in several potential ways and Ally Escrow Managements offers free direct deposit for Surrogates, free ACH payments for Agency reimbursements and Provider bills, as well as 24/7 online portal access with real-time balance, transaction details, and contract access.

How We Can Help

The uniqueness and details of surrogacy agreements deserve an experienced eye and care from a neutral third party. Using a knowledgeable and compassionate company with experience is the key to simplifying complicated details and setting a peaceful tone to the financial aspect of the arrangement. 

By offering precise and reliable escrow management services, we reduce the stress that can accompany compensation agreements and ensure that neither the intended parents nor the gestational carrier have to deal with any uncomfortable monetary discussions or disagreements with the other party.

Reliable Escrow Account Management

Ally Escrow Management is owned by Sonia Stewart, who holds a Masters Degree in Accounting and is a licensed CPA in the state of Georgia. 

When you take advantage of our services, you can feel secure in the fact that your funds are held in an FDIC-guaranteed account.

Additionally, we use advanced data encryption to ensure that your information is always kept secure and private. Our $1 million professional liability policy and an accompanying cyber protection policy is in place and has no claims reported.

Ally Escrow Management is also bonded for incidents of $100,000 as an added protection for your peace of mind.

High Ethical Standards

Ally Escrow Management safeguards the assets and privacy of all parties involved by ensuring that all contractual agreements are fulfilled before releasing funds. 

All payment requests sent to the third party escrow are reviewed for validity based on the documentation presented and then compared to the binding contract to confirm it follows the terms of the contract arrangement before any funds are disbursed.

We provide timely and scheduled payments with the highest ethical standards.

As always, parties involved are entitled to know the remaining funds in their account and are encouraged to contact us at any time.

Personalized Service You Can Trust

Whether you are looking to grow your family through surrogacy or wanting to be a gestational carrier, the process can sometimes seem overwhelming. It is important that you have an Ally in your reproductive journey—someone you can trust to be reliable, precise, and compassionate. 

Ally Escrow Management takes the definition of client very seriously. We value being a trusted third party escrow service and strive to be a true Ally in this process.

Our goal is to provide compassionate and friendly service with the highest level of customer satisfaction. Our dedication to your family is demonstrated by our high ethical standards, clear and concise information, and being there when you need us, from start to finish.

At Ally Escrow Management, we believe in not only top-quality dedicated service that is efficient, transparent, and real time, but also in forming lasting relationships that will grow with you and your needs.

Our Clients Say

Google Reviews

Sonia was recommended to us by our lawyer when we started two of our surrogacy journeys. Being new in this journey she made the entire process super easy to understand. Her process with smart vault and spreadsheets were very thorough and easy to understand. Being a CPA she is highly knowledgeable, friendly, and very personable. She was amazing to work with and highly recommend her services to anyone looking for escrow services.
Ruben R. Shepherd
Phenomenal to work with. Thank you for your attention to detail, your quick response and your efficiency!
Amy Oguntala
Sonia has worked with myself and intended parents for two surrogacy journeys. She is very thorough and professional, she also responds quickly to calls and emails. If you are looking for a personal touch with your escrow experience, Ally Escrow is the best place to start. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Sonia and Ally Escrow!
Amy Wise
You are definitely in good hands with Sonia and her team. She is very thorough with all receipts submitted for payment and constantly double checks with the legal contract. She replies very fast and is willing to help make payments efficient, and answers doubts or questions until they are fully resolved. Her platform is secured and user friendly. You are able to see transactions and receipts and the balance sheet. Her professionalism is admirable and her work ethic is to be followed. It is always a pleasure working with Sonia. I always look forward to my communications with her. I would definitely recommend Ally Escrow. Trustworthy, Transparent Diligent and Exemplary.
Karen Estrada
I have been working with Ally Escrow Management for the past two years, and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Sonia and her team. They are efficient, friendly and extremely diligent. This agency is BY FAR the best stewards of the money that has been entrusted to them. I work for a mid-level surrogacy agency based in the southeast US, and I refer EVERY single journey to Ally Escrow, as the team is THE ABSOLUTE BEST with every journey I have worked with. Sonia has been available to answer questions at a moments notice, and has always made sure to provide the best care, concern and financial advice to her clients. I am thrilled to be working with Sonia and her team on my current surrogacy journeys, and am so excited to work with her on my future journeys as well.
April Whitford

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