Surrogacy Escrow Management

Gestational Carrier Contracts

What Is Surrogacy Escrow?

When a Contract is signed between intended parents and their gestational carrier, it is often the case that some sort of compensation agreement will be included. The Ally Escrow Management team is here to help make sense of the financial Contract and ensure that both the intended parents and the gestational carrier understand their financial rights, responsibilities, and each party’s expectations and obligations. 

How It Works

Ally Escrow Management will manage and distribute the funds held in our trust account after carefully examining the terms set forth in the Contract. Prior to making any disbursements to the gestational carrier, Ally Escrow Management will gather all supporting documentation needed and review any receipts submitted. Additionally, we always provide a statement detailing the account balance and all recent account activity so that clients remain aware of disbursements being made from their account.

How We Can Help

By offering precise and reliable escrow management services, Ally Escrow Management reduces the stress that can accompany compensation agreements and ensures that neither the intended parents nor the gestational carrier have to deal with any uncomfortable monetary discussions or disagreements with the other party.

When you take advantage of Ally Escrow Managements services, you can feel secure in the fact that your funds are held in an FDIC-guaranteed account. Ally Escrow Management is bonded and insured and follows strict reporting standards. We provide timely scheduled payments with the highest ethical standards. As always, parties involved are entitled to know the remaining funds in their account and are encouraged to contact us at any time.

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