Frequently Asked Fertility Escrow Questions

Ally Escrow Management takes the definition of client very seriously. Our services affect more than the person who hires us. We are frequently hired by Intended Parents, not just to serve them directly, but to make sure all the parties involved with their case are treated with the same care and diligence.

Whether you are the one who helps someone build a family, or are the person trying to build a family, we want to be the one piece of the puzzle that is stress free and feels like we are a part of the family you are building.

No time limits
*Additional $250 for California Based Cases

No time limits
$100.00 discount applied to surrogacy account fee if opened
$50.00 discount applied to additional cycles

Knowing the kind of insurance policy your escrow company has is important. While a general liability policy is very useful to Ally Escrow Management as a company; it is our professional liability policy (sometimes referred to as an “errors and omissions” policy) that is the most important piece to know is in place for our clients.

Our $1 million professional liability policy and an accompanying cyber protection policy is in place and has no claims reported. Additionally, Ally Escrow Management is bonded for incidents of $100,000 as an added protection for your peace of mind.

All client funds are held in FDIC insured accounts only. Ally Escrow Management also uses SmartVault as our online client portal service provider. SmartVault uses AES-256 data encryption and meets many safety and security hurdles such as being HIPAA and GDPR compliant.

All contracts, agreements, receipts, detailed account activity, and other pertinent documentation is available to you at all times. You can control how frequently you receive email notifications of changes in your portal folders. SmartVault is easily used from your computer, phone, or tablet.

Ally Escrow Management is an independent third-party company with no financial or ownership interest in any infertility service provider.

Ally Escrow Management reviews all pertinent documents and confirms disbursement requests not only match to agreements, but that they make sense. Should occasions rise that prompt the need to deviate from contract language, if the relevant Parties have agreed in writing to any changes, they are processed as requested.

If there are situations where the expense looks unreasonable, appears to be missing anything, or is not addressed in a contract, they are confirmed before paid. Disbursement requests are handled timely and there are no specific times, days, or forms that must be turned in for a request to be processed.

Surrogates and Egg Donors are paid by direct deposit at no additional cost to the Intended Parents. Other vendor payments can be by ACH, check, or credit card depending on customer needs.

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